Looking for the best small kitchen storage ideas for a space that’s a little too cosy? 

Creating additional storage in your small kitchen is entirely possible. What’s more, it doesn’t have to involve ripping out your existing cabinets and starting again! At Homeline, we’ve put together a list of clever storage tips for anyone with a small kitchen space

Here are 11 of the best small kitchen storage solutions.

An elysee small sideboard against a dark blue background.

1. Invest in kitchen sideboards

Adding a kitchen sideboard, such as our Tortilla Two Door Sideboard to your space is a fantastic way to create additional storage, while keeping it stylish. And because sideboards are generally fairly narrow, you can place yours against the wall, where it won’t take up any more of your floor space. Kitchen sideboards come in a range of sizes and styles, including small kitchen sideboards that are perfect for a cosy kitchen.

2. Consider an extending dining table

If your dining table is situated within the kitchen itself, space is probably already at a premium. That’s especially true if your dining table is a six or even eight seater. But a great way to combat this issue is to consider choosing our Danuble White Extending Table. It will slide neatly into the size of a four or six-seater, yet extend to provide more space whenever needed.

3. Use multi-functional chairs 

There’s nothing like multi-functional furniture to make life easier. Multi-functional dining chairs or bar stools are truly smart storage solutions, and can be a handy addition to any small kitchen. For instance, stools or dining chairs that hold a fold-out step ladder are very useful when you need to fetch something from the highest shelf. Efficient storage ideas are essential, and this one keeps your small kitchen storage practical.

4. Utilise vertical space with wall-mounted shelves

If you can’t build out, build up! Make the most of your vertical space with wall-mounted shelves. This is one of the most effective small kitchen storage ideas, because you are making use of what is often just dead space. Shelves can easily be tailored to your specific kitchen, ensuring they fit perfectly and look great to boot. Kitchen shelf ideas come in many different forms, and there is a wide range of materials and looks available.

5. Drawer dividers 

Drawer dividers are the perfect kitchen organiser tool for creating a more efficient storage system in your kitchen drawers. It doesn’t matter what you are storing - hand towels, canned food, accessories, or something else - dividers can make life so much easier. Vertical drawer dividers are even one of the more effective cookbook storage ideas in a small kitchen, if you have deeper drawers. Small space organisation is critical in any kitchen, so do make use of dividers wherever possible.

The Ivy two door sideboard sitting upon grey tiles, against a dark blue background.

6. Organisers for utensils and cutlery

Are your organisational skills a little lacking? Or is there simply not enough drawer space in your kitchen? If all of your cutlery and utensils are simply packed into your drawers, without any semblance of order, drawer dividers are for you. As far as small kitchen storage ideas on a budget are concerned, this is a great one. Dividers are affordable and easy to find.

7. Hanging racks for pots & pans

Hanging racks are a stylish and effective way to store your pots and pans. This strategy really compliments a small kitchen with rustic decor. Pots and pans storage ideas for small kitchens can be varied, but this one always works well. Just make sure your hanging racks are well-made and secure… you don’t want them falling down!

8. Cut down on duplicate items

A decluttering strategy can free up plenty of storage space. This is a small kitchen storage idea that doesn’t require purchasing any new items! Most of us have duplicate items in our kitchen, just in case. Whether it’s accessories or utensils, we often just don’t need them. Getting rid of duplicates, or storing them elsewhere in the house, can be very beneficial.

9. Utilise windowsills 

Windowsills are an oft overlooked space saving solution! However, they offer a great spot to place items, and are a source of excellent ideas for small kitchen storage. For example, you can store cookbooks on windowsills, as long as they are deep enough. You can also place small baskets for utensils, or even hang items from the edging.

10. Assign a purpose to each corner 

The most effective kitchen storage solutions include a plan or a strategy. In this case, assigning a specific storage purpose to each corner of your kitchen creates a less cluttered space. One corner may be for a small set of shelves, where you can store your cookbooks. Another could be for your dining table, while another corner can be for hanging your pots and pans. And the last corner could be perfect for your RA Blue & Oak Wine Cabinet!

11. Combine storage with decor 

Looking for small kitchen storage ideas on a budget? Combining your storage plan with decor is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone, and save money along the way. A prime example of this strategy is choosing the perfect kitchen benches and cabinets, which also integrate your appliances, such as your microwave and refrigerator. This prevents the need for finding additional space for the appliances later on, and is a great example of small kitchen appliances storage ideas.

Small kitchen storage at Homeline 

There are so many affordable and effective ways to make the most of your kitchen with small kitchen storage ideas. At Homeline, we’ve been helping homeowners find the best pieces of kitchen furniture for their space for more than 40 years. Sideboards, tall cabinets, kitchen islands, and much more.

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