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The 7 Best Books For Coffee Tables

A beautiful coffee table is a great focal point for any living room - and a beautiful coffee table topped with interesting, aesthetically pleasing books makes for a great talking point when you have guests. The books that you choose...

How To Clean a Leather Sofa - In 4 Easy Steps

When you buy that shiny, new leather sofa it is sacred. No eating on it, no pets near it, and if you want to sit on it, you better be wearing clean cotton PJ’s and fresh from the shower. But...

7 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

The smell of Spring is almost in the air so that means it is time to clear out the clutter. We’ve accumulated a lot of junk over the cold months that needs tossed, our winter woollies need to be retired...

7 Famous Dining Tables from Pop Culture

We love turning to the big and silver screen for design inspiration so we've picked out 7 famous dining tables from pop culture that transcend the role of mere prop into something more iconic. 1) Downton Abbey - Elegant Dining...

Guide to Furniture Woods – The Most Popular Wood Types

Wood is the most commonly used furniture material and for good reason. It comes in a huge amount of varieties and each type of wood has its own distinctive qualities. Wood has been used to make furniture since ancient Egyptian...

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