It is a well-known fact that we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping. However, even though we spend so much of our time in bed, we rarely spend enough time thinking about the mattress we sleep on.

If you only plan on replacing one piece of furniture this year, your mattress might be a good idea! While there are dozens of different mattress types and combinations available, the two main ones are memory foam and inner springs.

In order to help you pick the right type, we look at the differences between memory foam and innerspring and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is a popular choice for mattress buyers as it has a number of benefits. Designed by NASA in the ’60s to improve the safety of aircraft cushions, it made its way into medical products and then commercial products. Today it is most commonly used in mattresses, pillows, and blankets.

Memory foam is particularly useful if you suffer from back or joint pain as it is so supportive of your body. Because it provides even support for your body you will toss and turn less at night. This is also helpful if your partner’s movements disturb your sleep.

And perhaps equally important is that it’s very durable. Memory foam lasts much longer than spring mattresses; up to 15 years. So you can sleep extra soundly knowing you’ve made a good investment! However, as you might have already guessed, memory foam mattresses are more expensive than spring ones.

Top Memory Foam Mattress Choice: Odearest Mattresses

The Respa Pocket mattress features a luxury pocketed-springing system and cool open-celled Visco memory foam. The Odearest range of mattresses are some of our best sellers and for good reason. Odearest is an Irish brand and the mattresses are manufactured in Ireland using traditional methods. The company uses traditional hand tufting or micro-stitched quilting, which gives a better shape and a longer lifespan.

Innerspring Mattresses

If you have bad memories of an uncomfortable mattress with springs digging into your back, fear not. This is a result of a cheap, badly manufactured mattress rather than the spring system itself. Choose a good quality mattress and you won’t have these problems.

Some people find memory foam mattresses too hot as they are temperature sensitive, softening and moulding with your body heat. If you often find that you are very warm in bed a sprung mattress will offer you a cooler sleep.

Spring mattresses can also offer firmer support, which can be useful for someone who is very overweight as they are easier to get in and out of.

Top Spring Mattress Choice: Respa Mattresses

The Respa Posturecare Mattress manages to combine luxury and comfort with back-friendly posture and support. Their innerspring design system is covered with high-density foam and a super soft knit multi-quilted outer fabric. This provides a firm and comfortable mattress that will suit a range of sleepers.

So which is better?

As you can see from our descriptions, there is no ‘best’ type of mattress. Choosing the right mattress is a combination of finding one that suits your physical needs, preferred way of sleeping and, of course, your budget.

Here at Homeline, we carry a wide range of mattresses in all sizes from single to super king and even custom sizes. We know that choosing the right mattress is an important decision, so if you would like to get some more advice, please contact us and we will be happy to help find the perfect mattress for you.