About Us

We are a family run business based in Clonmel, Co Tipperary and have been selling furniture for almost 40 years. We have always prided ourselves on sourcing and selling only quality furniture pieces at the best possible prices.

Moving the business online has enabled us to reduce costs and pass these further cost savings to our customers. Our sales team are here to help you in any way to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as is possible.

Meet Brendan

My story is a simply one, all I've ever known is furniture.

So where did it all begin? To be honest in my push chair!! My Dad was in the furniture trade and some of my earliest memories are going around trade shows. From an early age Sunday family outings were spent ìvisitingî some furniture manufacturer or other, it was never boring and I think that's where my love of the furniture trade came from.

I thought Iíd never get my leaving cert out of the way, study consisted of soccer magazines and watching matches, Macbeth and Dickens hardly got a look in. Once I hit 17 and got my driving license, Saturdays were spent driving around doing deliveries and learning the trade. With my leaving cert out of the way I made an attempt to study business studies in Cork but I soon realised I wasnt cut out for lectures, coffee breaks and hanging around a study was never even in the equation! The best education for me I decided was the real world. So after a brief stint at business college for 3 weeks to be exact I packed my back pack, grabbed my stereo and caught a bus home. It was back to work for me.

With slightly bemused parents I started my career on a van, driving around wheeling and dealing, six months later I moved into sales and my true love of the job became apparent to me. Meeting customers, solving problems, matching budgets the day flew.
So where did Homeline Furniture start from? Over a cup of coffee. My wife (Louise an interior designer) and I believed we could offer customers something different. Our vision was to take the family business culture and apply it on-line in a friendly professional service, high quality products and great value. We strive to meet our customer needs and also provide service with a smile! (even if you can't see it over the phone or on email its there... I promise!

We are a husband and wife team so to say that Homeline Furniture is a nine to five job just wouldn't be accurate. We are consistently looking for new products and new approaches to our business. Our lives are invested in this business and as a result we hope you'll benefit, its in our interest to meet your needs and expectations, we welcome feedback both positive and negative.

We have learnt a lot over the last decade, I would be lying if I said there wasn't teething problems with supply chains and distribution but from all of this we learnt and we believe today we have something special. Times are tough at the moment but we are up for the challenge and we look forward to continually growing our business. I will continue to apply a lifetime of experience to ensure you and our customers receive the best possible service and top quality products.
So I guess as the saying goes, "Its in the blood", and for me it simply couldn't more true than for us. Furniture is my life!