What is a vanity mirror? 

We've all seen the movies. A glamorous lady sitting beside a vanity mirror with lights that's a work of art just as much as herself. Mirrors are designed for grooming, makeup and bringing out the best in you. No wonder these classics are making a strong comeback in recent years.

They're not just limited to the back of the stage, either. You can even have one in your home. Stick around, and we'll tell you all you need to know about Hollywood vanity mirrors. We'll also let you know where you can get one in Ireland. So, let's get into it!

Glamour Mirror-Landscape Mirror

This landscape vanity mirror from Homeline is guaranteed to make you look glowing!

Four reasons you need a vanity mirror 

A vanity mirror table is a hallmark of class and excellence. It is not for everyone, but you might be the special ones who deserve to put makeup on one of these. Here are four reasons why you need a vanity mirror with lights.

  1. Enhanced visibility to avoid blunders

Many women have expressed how difficult it can be to put on makeup in your average bathroom mirror. The lighting and the lack of visibility due to moisture make it difficult to put on the mascara just right.

However, that problem will be a thing of the past with a vanity mirror with lights. They are the most esteemed class of makeup mirrors designed to bring out your best look. The shiny light bulbs make for great visibility so you can look and feel your best. You'll not be making blunders and feeling confident. Isn't that what we all want?

  1. Achieve professional results at home

Hollywood vanity mirrors with lights have long been associated with movie stars and the elite class of Hollywood. That's for good reason because the results speak for themselves. These mirrors are why their looks have graced magazines and movie posters. Now, you can enjoy the same.

First off, there are multiple lighting options to choose from. You can go for dim or dazzling bright to suit the occasion. They also eliminate shadows and offer optimal lighting, the kind you only find in movie studios. It's like having your own makeup studio in your room.

vanity mirror in a white room

The white color scheme goes perfect with this Hollywood Glass Console & Desktop Mirror

  1. Added a touch of glamour to your room 

What is the difference between a bathroom mirror and a vanity mirror? Aesthetics. A bathroom mirror is a rudimentary mirror that offers the barest essentials. It is good if you want to brush your teeth or wash your face, but you won't show it off like it was art.

A vanity mirror, on the other hand, can add a touch of elegance and glamour to your room. With its captivating design, this mirror can draw attention and become a focal point of the space. The reflective illusion it provides can make your room seem larger and more open. With a variety of designs, mirror light options and colours, you're spoiled for choice.

  1. Multipurpose and convenience 

What is a vanity mirror good for? More than just making you look your best. These days, they offer a plethora of convenience options to make them multipurpose tools of excellence. If you were wondering if lighted vanity mirrors are worth it, wait till you hear this.

Some of the latest designs include Bluetooth speakers that can connect to your devices. This means you can play your favourite tunes or listen to makeup tutorials simultaneously. There are also storage compartments to keep your jewellery or makeup items close at all times. They can help keep your vanity mirror table clean and secure your grooming essentials.

hollywood vanity mirror on glass shelves in bedroom

The dazzling mirror and shiny surface of this Hollywood Glass Dresser & Desktop Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker can make any morning a movie!

What size should a Hollywood mirror be? 

By now, you no doubt know that there are different types of vanity mirrors on the market. Choosing just one from the plethora of mirrors on the Homeline Website can take time and effort. However, we may have some helpful advice.

The average height of a Hollywood mirror tends to range from 60 cm to 90 cm. They are usually 50 cm to 100 cm or more in terms of width. Ultimately, consider the available space you have before purchasing a sizeable mirror. Also, factor in what functions you want as well as portability.

long vanity mirror

Hollywood vanity mirror come in all shapes and sizes, such as this Hollywood Floor Mirror Glass

Can a mirror be bigger than a vanity? 

Many people ask, "Can a mirror be bigger than the vanity?" if so, how big should a mirror be over a vanity? The answer surprises Many people since vanity mirrors provide various design options.

A full-wall mirror can span the entire width of the vanity wall. In contrast, a vertical mirror can be positioned alongside it. Likewise, many designs offer multiple mirrors of varying sizes to give you different perspectives. Ultimately, the mirror is often expected to be bigger than the vanity.

This Hollywood Glass Console & Desktop Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker has the perfect size ratio between mirror and vanity

Installation tips for your vanity mirror

Despite their elaborate appearance, installing a vanity mirror is a straightforward process. Here is what you have to do.

  1. Choose a suitable location that complements the mirror. Look for factors such as natural light, electrical outlets, and height.
  2. Measure the space where you want the mirror to be and remove any previous furniture
  3. Choose wall anchors or studs and install them if you opt for a wall-mounted vanity mirror.
  4. Mount the mirror and make sure it is stable
  5. Finish it all up with cleaning materials and add some decorative cups and showpieces. 

Having a charging outlet nearby is important if you want to choose this Hollywood Floor Mirror White with Bluetooth Speaker

Is beauty all it's good for?

A vanity mirror is more than just a beauty companion. Here are some additional uses to help you make the best decision.

  1. These mirrors can be amazing for recording videos for Tiktok, social media, or personal VLOGs.
  2. The lighting options can be used to create a cosy atmosphere for reading, writing, or relaxing.
  3. The mirror's lighting can also be great for video conferencing and meetings.
  4. Your vanity mirror can be your personal dressing assistant by helping you pick the perfect outfit.

How to keep your vanity mirror in perfect condition?

If you treat a vanity mirror with respect, it'll last ages. Here are some tips to keep the mirror in perfect condition.

  1. Clean it regularly with mild glass cleaners or a mixture of water and vinegar.
  2. Clean liquid spills immediately.
  3. Keep the mirror away from direct sunlight.
  4. Use protective covers when not using the mirror.
  5. Avoid using sharp instruments to minimize scratching.
  6. Regularly inspect the mounting hardware and wooden frame.

Remember to keep your Hollywood Vanity Station clean, perfumed, and well-maintained

Where to buy a vanity mirror with lights in Ireland? 

There are many places to buy a vanity mirror. Still, only Homeline offers the best selection and price combination in Ireland. Each of our mirrors is specially made with the consumer in mind. If you think that you still need to find the mirror for yourself, we have just the vanity mirror in Ireland for you! Visit us at Homeline!