White bedroom furniture creates a clean and crisp look that never goes out of style. Whites can also open up a room, making it appear bigger than it actually is. It's also a great option for those trying to embrace a minimal design in their bedroom.

However, if you’re not great with interior design, you might wonder how exactly to style a white bedroom. Can you mix brown and white bedroom furniture? Does white furniture go with wood furniture? Below, we answer all of these questions and more, helping you create a serene atmosphere and calming ambiance perfect for sleeping.

1. Back & White: How To Do Monochrome Chic

A white furniture bedroom set inevitably goes well with other white furniture. But combining black and white can create a minimalism look, creating a “less is more” feel and accentuating dimension over potentially distracting and different colours. You can mix white and black wallpaper, along with a black bedframe and white bedding for a put-together and chic look.

On top of mixing these two colours together, adding different textures in black and white can create a bold but homey look. For example, the Hampstead White Bed Frame adds a slight texture but can be paired with black or dark blue tones for a simple but bold aesthetic.

2. Mixing White Furniture With Wood 

For a farmhouse and rustic style, mixing and matching white furniture with wood accents or wood furniture with an all-white room creates a charming and contemporary vibe. For example, mixing pine and white bedroom furniture, such as a pine bedframe and white sheets and accents, works perfectly to complement one another and elude a calming atmosphere. The Lisbon Oak Bedroom Collection is a great example of wooden furniture that works well in a white bedroom. 

Alternatively, you may also opt for a white wood bedroom set or a white and wood bedroom set. A white wood bedroom set adds texture while keeping the room white and crisp. Meanwhile, a white and wood bedroom set combines the two tones, mimicking a farmhouse feel.

3. Add Some Dimension with Neutral Tones 

white bedroom

If you don’t love bold contrasts, try complimenting your white bedroom or chest of drawers with neutral tones. Giving way to peace and serenity, neutral colours add dimension to the room, making it feel cosier or bigger. It also might be less dull for some than all white.

4. Invest in a Matching Furniture Set 

Match your white bedroom set queen or white bedroom set king with other furniture in the room, such as your dresser and shelving. Once you have these matching basics, you can then add colour, texture, or other colours with rugs, decor, and more. Find your matching bedroom furniture set with Homeline. A dressing table could be a fun area to explore when adding some colour to your room.

5. Commit to All White 

Are you wondering if white furniture goes with white walls? Surprisingly, you can’t go wrong here. While it may seem like different whites will clash, there are a few ways to do this that won’t lead down this path. 

When pondering how to style white bedroom furniture, start with your main furniture in all the same colour, such as the same white king-size bedroom set with side tables and a dresser. These dominant portions, such as the Nevada White Bedroom Collection, are your base. From there, add different shades of white. 

If you’re finding the all white look a bit much, add a few hues of grey. This can offset the whiteness and break up the different white shades. A white bedroom set with LED lights can also add a bit of warmth to your space.

6. Add Depth With Patterns or Textures

Adding a shag rug or textured bed pillows can really add a modern design element. Without texture, a white bedroom might fall flat. But with texture, it’s vibrant, inviting, and dreamy!

7. Add Blue for a Coastal Vibe 

If you love being by the water, adding a touch of blue to your white bedroom furniture can create a coastal feel and a cohesive design. For example, you could add a calming blue accent wall or add touches of blue with rugs, blankets, and pillows. Dark blues and navy hues go well together with ivory whites, creating a modern, coastal oasis.

8. Choose a Sleek Headboard 

If you’re hesitant about adding too much to your white colour scheme, try playing around with the bed's headboard. Add texture here or opt for a splash of wood or colour. Even a glossy finish on the headboard can add a hint of luxury to an otherwise plain design. Fabrics, like the Mabel Taupe Bedroom Set, may also create the perfect finishing touch. 

9. Add A Feature Wall 

A feature wall, sometimes called an accent wall, creates a nice accent against neutral and white hues. You can even opt to add white panelled walls or, if you like those coastal vibes, add a splash of navy blue. For black and white aesthetics, try a black and white wallpapered wall behind your headboard.

10. Deck The Walls

Don’t forget about your decor! You can add texture and ambiance with a few simple ideas. For instance, a gallery wall might work well for some. In other cases, adding a textured piece can enhance the cosiness of your bedroom. A mirror or two can also alter the space perception, making the room appear bigger. 

White Bedroom FAQs

For more on how to enhance your bedroom aesthetics, check out the FAQs below.

Does white furniture go with white walls?

Yes, white bedroom furniture goes well with white walls. The key is to ensure your dominant furniture pieces are all one tone of white, then adding other whites can create a clean and fresh look.

Is white bedroom furniture a good idea?

Yes! A white bedroom is simple and even offers budget-friendly options (Often, for new house, no painting is required!). 

Does white furniture go with wood furniture?

Yes, white furniture and wood furniture go well together, creating a rustic and farmhouse-styled oasis.

How do you style an all white bedroom?

Styling an all white bedroom usually comes down to adding textures and warmth. All white can provide a dreamy and peaceful space where you can truly relax (and get some sleep!).

Where to Buy White Bedroom Furniture?

Homeline offers various pieces of furniture for your bedroom inspiration and design ideas. From various white bedroom furniture to our bedroom collection, our team is proud only to provide top-quality furniture that will last for many years to come.