Without bedside tables, you have nowhere to put your bedside necessities, such as the reading lamp, mobile phone, or alarm clock. Bedside lockers also offer a surface for placing books or charging devices. If you have a bedroom but no bedside table, you might consider getting this necessity.

Not sure what to look for when shopping for a bedside table? Here are some tips that could help.

  1. Determine the Table Height You Want

Bedside tables can be placed at different levels. This factor can become the most crucial part of your purchase since you'll use the table every day. Some bedside tables are placed at the same height as a bed, while others can be placed on the floor and used as a coffee tables.

The rule of thumb is not to get something higher than the top of your mattress. That would make it difficult to reach the stuff you need.

  1. Find Out the Size

Bedside tables come in many sizes, so make sure to measure the table's area. The most common size is 45.72–60.96 cm in width, with the depth being generally around that range as well.

  1. Choose the Style You Want

Don't forget that your bedside table also serves as a decorative piece. You can even use it to enhance your bedroom's theme. When choosing a style, it will be best to match it with the other furniture in your bedroom. Doing so will help the whole space look more cohesive.

  1. Find a Table With Enough Storage

A typical bedside table has a drawer. It is where you're going to place your personal items like books, photographs, and lotions. It's a good idea to look for a table with at least one drawer. It will make your life more convenient.

Some tables come with a top shelf. If you prefer to have additional storage, you might want to look for this feature. A top shelf can also become a great spot to put your reading lamp.

  1. Check Out Its Other Features

Some bedside tables have other features that make them stand out. Meanwhile, some have drawers lined with soft velvet or have a small light. Others have built-in charging stations for mobile devices. You can also look for tables with a drawer as a bin for tissues and other toiletries. Choose which one you need the most.

  1. Explore Different Colors

A bedside table can be painted in different colours. It makes the table more personalised. You can opt for colours that will match the theme of your bedroom.

Tip: Paint the table's surface the same colour as the legs and frame surface. It will make your bedside table look consistent with the rest of your bedroom.


Deciding which bedside table to get can be a very personal choice. It can say a lot about your style and personality. Just make sure that you choose the table that you're best comfortable with. Take your time when making the decision since it will be a table you'll be using every day.

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