While not as popular as dining tables, coffee tables, or console tables, an occasional table can serve the functions of these tables. Owing to its portability, with the help of occasional tables, you can quickly move them anywhere within your home. These super handy tables can be kept on their own or as part of an arrangement with other furniture items. Occasional tables are primarily listed as ‘side’ tables.

So how often — or even simply, how — do you use them?


Occasional tables are furniture often found placed against a wall in living rooms. Placed next to a chair or sofa, they are ideal for drinks and other best items if placed near to hand. Homeowners can use an occasional table in a hallway as a handy place to hold an entrance lamp and their keys.

What makes an occasional table different from other tables is its size. In your room, the periodic table should be no larger than 1/2 the size of your sofa or bed. It could be any size in the centre of the room, while it should be no larger than 1/3 of the free space in a corner.


When it comes to choosing styles, there are endless possibilities. These pieces of furniture are available in casual, fun, and fancy; designs that suit every type of interior. For example, some tables blend in with the rest of your decor, so your house can be enjoyed by everyone.

Alternatively, you can choose a design that helps draw the eye and is sure to get lots of compliments. Most are elegant, art deco-inspired metal tables, but there are also boho-chic glass tables, drum tables from Chinese instruments, and Moroccan ottomans that double as occasional tables. Tables are available in any shape you can imagine, from round and square to triangle and oblong. The materials used are also varied. They can be wood or glass, various metals with different finishes, or marble for a touch of elegance.

Whatever the style or feel, you can be sure a variety of occasional tables are always available!


When styling an occasional table, there are no rules. Instead, it’s all about creating a style that works for your home. You can match styles or try a contrasting look; it’s all up to you.

When choosing an occasional table, you want something with a sturdy base. The bigger the table, the more you need a sturdy base. An end table is too small for a lamp with thin legs; instead, something like a cocktail table is better for the task. A small-legged light would rest on the surface of another piece of furniture, like a nightstand or desk.

Accessories for an occasional table should complement the style of the rest of your home. If your room has a modern style, choose a stylish side table. Bring in a historic end table if you want to go more traditional. If a whole room is filled with modern furniture, consider an antique end table to create contrast.

Own This Useful Piece of Furniture Now

While not as hefty as desks, dining, or other countertop surfaces, occasional tables flaunt their usefulness in elevating your home’s interior design in small, meaningful ways. Be it a surface for keys, plants, or other furnishings; it’s a piece of furniture your house will wear proudly in every room it’s used in.

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