Interior Design & Care How To Guides

Master Your Home: DIY tips and tricks for furniture care and homemaking magic! Unleash your inner homemaker! Explore our collection of easy-to-follow guides that equip you with the knowledge to maintain your furniture and create a sparkling haven, from the Homeline Furniture family. Covering basic cleaning hacks to furniture upkeep solutions, we'll help you keep your home looking its best!

  1. How to Clean and Maintain Your Dining Room Table

    Keeping your dining room table clean and well-maintained not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also extends its longevity. Whether it's a cosy meal with family or a formal gathering, the dining table is the centrepiece of your dining space, deserving careful attention to remain spotless and sturdy.  At Homeline, we understand the importance of this central piece of furniture...
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  2. Reflecting Summer Vibes: Innovative Mirror Decorating Ideas for a Bright and Airy Space

    Mirrors add a touch of summer magic to your home. They reflect light, making your space feel brighter and airier. Mirrors are more than functional items; they are transformative design elements that harness the essence of summer, making your living spaces feel brighter and more open. But what makes them a must-have? Decorating ideas with mirrors ensure your home resonates...
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  3. Are Velvet Sofas & Cushions Easy To Clean?

    With its luxurious feel and sophisticated look, Velvet furniture transforms any living area into a statement of elegance. However, the thought of maintaining velvet might cause some hesitation. If you're wondering whether velvet sofas and cushions are easy to clean, you've come to the right place. At Homeline, we understand your worries and are here to provide expert tips and...
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  4. How to Clean your Velvet Furniture

    Velvet fabrics, like the fabric range at Homeline Furniture, gives you the luxurious feel of cotton velvet and is easier to care for. That coffee spill from the fidgety kids won’t stain as easily. Tips on General Maintenance Have you ever been away from home and come back to some dusty velvet cushions after a holiday away? For dust and...
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  5. How To Clean a Leather Sofa - In 4 Easy Steps

    When you buy that shiny, new leather sofa it is sacred. No eating on it, no pets near it, and if you want to sit on it, you better be wearing clean cotton PJ’s and fresh from the shower. But we all know these good intentions quickly fade, and we slip into old habits. A sofa is the heart of...
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  6. 7 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

    The smell of Spring is almost in the air so that means it is time to clear out the clutter. We’ve accumulated a lot of junk over the cold months that needs tossed, our winter woollies need to be retired (hopefully) to make way for our spring / summer wardrobe and now that the sun is making an occasional appearance...
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