If you have a good eye for home staging, you won’t need an interior designer to come up with a great living room layout. Your living room is the focal point of your house. This area is one of the first things your guests will notice when they walk in, and it’s also where they’ll spend most of their time.

The conventional idea of having one couch operate as the space’s centering object is still used in most living rooms. However, mirroring a pair in your floor design is recommended if you have the space and cash. This symmetrical living room furniture placement and sofa layout may not seem noteworthy at first glance, but it’s a game-changer for multiple reasons.

Know more about furniture symmetry and other interior design hacks in the sections below.

Take Note of the Symmetry

It’s highly likely that the layout of your furniture is to blame if something about your decor feels odd. The most straightforward method to correct this is to introduce some balance. When you have symmetry in your house, you can be more adventurous and off-kilter with your other art, accessories, and accent furniture placements.

Mirroring your sofas creates a focal point for you and your guests right away. You can feel free to be experimental elsewhere after anchoring your living room with two sofas. If your room has a fireplace, arrange your sofas around it to give a stunning feeling of symmetry.

Know the Focus of the Room

Aiming your sofa at your flat screen makes sense in a TV room or den. Something on the wall should be the focal point in traditional living rooms and other sitting areas.

Mirroring your sofas creates a focal point for you and your guests right away. This plan invites socialising more than most. Add an armchair or two to the sofas, or use smaller love seats as the mirrored furniture item. With this setup, you’ll have a lively cocktail hour in no time.

Having fewer huge furniture items will also help to streamline the look of the area, giving it a cleaner, less congested appearance.

Determine How to Decorate a Big Room

You can easily lose its amazing sense of scale and create clutter if you fill a large space with many pieces of seating. Several small seating arrangements may be beneficial if you frequently host large groups.

However, a living room furniture layout centred on two mirrored sofas is your best alternative if you like to entertain small groups.

Decide How You Can Better Use the Space

Start with the largest piece of furniture when organising your living room furniture. This is a sofa in most circumstances. Place the item in front of the room’s most visible element, such as a television, fireplace, gallery wall, or window.

Consider adding a second sofa to your home to accommodate extra guests. You can easily put a second sofa in the space where two armchairs and a side table might sit, making room for three or more visitors instead of just two.

Having fewer huge furniture items will also help streamline the look of the area, giving it a cleaner, less congested appearance.


You can send a message through design and décor, and you can help improve conversation through the placement and usefulness of furniture. Encourage your guests to gather and spend the time by employing a simple style approach that greatly influences living room furniture combinations.

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