When you buy that shiny, new leather sofa it is sacred. No eating on it, no pets near it, and if you want to sit on it, you better be wearing clean cotton PJ’s and fresh from the shower. But we all know these good intentions quickly fade, and we slip into old habits. A sofa is the heart of your family room, and it should be loved and enjoyed by the whole family, so it’s inevitably going to get dirty.

Luckily leather is a hardy material and if looked after properly it will only get better with time. We’ve put together a super simple guide to cleaning your leather sofa in 4 easy steps – and some handy tips and quick fixes for when you’re in a rush, too!

1. Hoover

Remove all the dust and crumbs from the sofa by giving it a thorough vacuum clean. Use a soft brush attachment for the large surface areas so not to damage the leather. Next remove the cushions to clean up any debris that has fallen under the seats (if you’re lucky you’ll find a couple of quid too). If your cushions do not detach use the crevice tool for the grooves between the seats and cushions.


2. Wipe with a damp cloth

We suggest using a microfiber cloth, as they are soft, non-abrasive and very durable. Make sure whatever cloth you use is clean, then dip it a solution of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar mix, wring the cloth and wipe the leather surface all over – make sure you get in all those nooks and crannies. You may find you need to dip and rinse your cloth several times if there is a build up of dirt.


3. Dry the sofa

Use another clean cloth to dry the leather so it is ready for the final step. You can also leave it to air dry if you have the time, if you choose to do this ensure the gaps and creases of the sofa are also moisture free.

4. Condition the leather

There are tonnes of shop bought leather conditioners out there like Ruskin Leather Cream & Conditioner. Most are suitable for all leather couches, but make sure you read the manufacturer's guide to ensure that it is suitable for your colour and type of leather couch. If you’d rather use a homemade method try applying a small amount of olive oil on a clean cloth, as this works great as a natural conditioner. Once you’ve decided on which product to use simply apply the product to a cloth a wipe down the sofa in a buffing motion. Easy Peasy!


Quick Fix

If you’re stuck for time, try using baby wipes or a gentle makeup remover to wipe down your sofa. Keep baby wipes close to hand for frequent cleaning. This means you can go for longer between deep cleans.

Top Tip

We love using microfiber cloths for cleaning our leather sofas. They are soft, non-abrasive and great for cleaning cars too. Our top tip for keeping your cloths in their best condition is to NOT use any fabric softener when washing the cloths in the machine as this ruins the microfiber.

Cleaning  leather is as simple as 4 steps so go and give your leather sofa some TLC. But, if a deep clean isn’t going to save your couch, or perhaps our guide has convinced you that a leather sofa is right for you - then check out our gorgeous range of leather suites online today.

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