Whether it’s a special anniversary or a birthday, the dining table takes centre stage in all family celebrations.

It will host everyone from distant relations to close friends. It will witness hysterical laughter and full-blown arguments. It’s not just the Downton Abbey dining table that could tell a few stories.

It’s only when you come to choosing a dining table that you realise how tricky it can be to get it right.

Here, we outline the 6 key steps that will ensure you choose the right dining table.

1. The function of the dining table

The fundamental question is, “what will be the dining table’s main function?” Will it be hosting small family meals or used mostly for larger dinner parties?

If you want a table for all occasions, go for a dining table that expands with leaves. This way, the table can be kept intimate for smaller gatherings, but can also accommodate larger parties with no fuss.

Whatever its use, it’s important the table is the right size for the room. The table should allow for about 3 feet between it and the walls. There’s nothing worse for your guests than being caged into a seat with no easy way to move around the room.

2. The shape of the dining table

Rectangular and round tables are the classic shapes. Rectangular dining tables make fitting lots of guests manageable while round dining tables are perfect for getting everyone involved in the conversation.

A square dining table is a great way to give a dining room a modern feel, without abandoning the wood finish.

Tempo Black Glass Dining Table

3. Dining table style and décor

The dining table is a central piece of furniture. Therefore, its appearance and style should suit the room that it is in.

Get a clear impression of the room that the dining table is going to be in. Is it more traditional in style? Then consider a dining table with a rich wood finish or classic carved legs. Or perhaps you have a modern dining room. In that case, dining tables with glass tops and metal features will be the perfect central furniture piece.

4. A dining table to last

Consider what kind of wear and tear your table is likely to receive. If you want something that will be able to stand up to some serious dining for many a year, then look at a solid wood table. These are more expensive, but you will benefit from a table that is highly durable. They also allow for the easy repair of scratches and stains.

A dining table with a painted finish is another highly durable option to consider. A bright coloured dining table gives a room a bold and funky feel. While the painted finish will protect the surface and make it easy to wash. Best of all, whenever you fancy a change, make it a DIY project and paint your table any colour under the sun!

5. Don’t forget the dining chairs

Your dining table will only be as good as the chairs that accompany it. Your dining chairs and table need to match in terms of style, e.g. modern chairs for a modern table.

Most importantly though, the chairs should fit comfortably under the table and you should be able to cross your legs when sitting at it. Make sure that the chairs aren’t bumping into the table legs or other features of the table.

6. Be certain about delivery arrangements

Once you have picked your ideal dining table and chairs, you don’t want any last minute hiccups. Double check that you have measured your dining room and door sizes. Be certain that everything will fit.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to getting your furniture safely to you dining room.

Homeline provides free delivery across Ireland. Our team delivers your furniture to the room you want it in and we are happy to carry out any additional set up services arranged prior to the delivery.

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