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  1. How to Clean your Velvet Furniture

    Velvet fabrics, like the fabric range at Homeline Furniture, gives you the luxurious feel of cotton velvet and is easier to care for. That coffee spill from the fidgety kids won’t stain as easily. Tips on General Maintenance Have you ever been away from home and come back to some dusty velvet cushions after a holiday away? For dust and...
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  2. Shopping Guide: Buying a Quality Sofa That Lasts a Long Time

    Buying a couch is a significant financial commitment, but it's also one of the most long-lasting. But think twice before making a purchase. If you can spend a little more money to buy a better couch, this significant investment will last for years. In this article, we’ll help you pick out the best sofa to invest in. To Begin, Look...
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