What is a Bed Frame?

A bed frame is a structure designed to provide even support for your mattress. Bed frames come in many different shapes and designs, giving you many choices in determining the best framework to support your mattress. Some focus on aesthetics, while others are all about being functional.

In terms of functionality, there are many options to choose from. Simple flat bases provide a solid structure for your mattress, while bunk beds allow you to save on floor space by utilising vertical space. There are also bed frames that can provide you with additional storage space, like our Las Vegas bedframe.

Design-wise, a modern-style bed frame with a minimalist aesthetic will match a modern-style home and bedroom. On the other hand, a vintage bed frame works wonders in an older, stately home. Retro style will bring a little more funk to your or your children’s bedroom.

What Is The Purpose Of A Bed Frame?

The bed frame is not the most important thing in a room, but it serves many purposes. The primary purpose is to help support your mattress and raise your bed off the ground. A well-made bed frame can keep your mattress stable, and prevent it from sliding or sagging while you’re sleeping. In the long run, a more stable mattress and bed can contribute to better quality sleep and improved spinal health. Aesthetically, with a well-chosen bed frame you can breathe life into your bedroom, no matter your style.

Reasons Why You Need To Use A Bed Frame

Leaving your mattress on the floor doesn’t only sacrifice comfort. It also puts your mattress at risk of gathering dust and minuscule insects that pose a series of health and cleanliness hazards, such as bed bugs and mites.

Prevents Mould

Let’s face it, most household furniture can attract all kinds of pollutants, such as dust and mould. That’s just a fact we need to accept before purchasing household furniture. And this is exactly why regular cleaning is a must. When it comes to your mattress, a bed frame will go a long way towards maintaining a clean sleeping environment.

A bed frame will raise your mattress off the floor, allowing air to pass below your mattress, keeping it clean and dry. A dry environment means no mould, and will also help to prevent insects, such as bed bugs and mites from entering your mattress. On the ground, your mattress will be much more susceptible to these little critters.

Mattress Support 

A bed frame is there to provide structural support for your mattress and keep it firmly in place. Some people may think that the floor can do the job just fine, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the same level of support the bed frame offers. This is especially the case for solid timber bed frames.

When you’re planning to purchase a bed frame, make sure you choose a bed frame that’s not too big or too small. The incorrect size will only cause problems; a frame that is too big can cause unnecessary shifting and sliding as you sleep or move around in bed. On the other hand, a frame that is too small can push your mattress out of shape, contributing to musculoskeletal problems.

If you’re asking, “can bed frames be adjusted?”, the answer is yes. An adjustable mattress bed frame allows you to customise the head and foot of the bed for a more comfortable and personalized sleep position.

Temperature Control 

To keep yourself cool and comfortable while you’re sleeping, you need to let your mattress breathe. You can increase your mattress's breathability by placing your mattress on a bed frame.

A well-made bed frame can give you a better night’s sleep by drastically increasing the air circulation around you. Cooler air enters your mattress from the bottom and relieves heat buildup, thereby letting heat dissipate and cool your body in the process.

Improves Aesthetics 

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. The bed and its frame will always draw your eye and act as the centre of point. A mattress without a bed frame makes your room feel incomplete, and just doesn’t look very good!

You can opt for a classic bed frame if you want to capture that traditional feel. or choose a modern or minimalist bed frame to fill your room with more straight lines and a clean design vibe. Using it will help bring together all your bedroom’s decor and make it look more finished.

What to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame 

You’ll need to consider the following elements when buying a bed frame:


The best bed frame types for you are the ones that fit your mattress perfectly. Some mattress sizes come in a few variations, but in general, bed frames correspond in size to conventional mattress sizes. This makes it much easier to pick the perfect frame.

For instance, if you have a king-sized bed at home, you should be ordering and purchasing a king-size bed frame at the store. If you’re looking for double bed frames that suit your room’s aesthetic, our … should do the trick. Getting the size wrong will cause all sorts of problems, and ultimately, you’ll need to replace it with the right frame.


Wood and metal are the two most common materials for bed frames. Each material offers different kinds of benefits that need to be taken into consideration.

Wooden materials make a stable foundation for your mattress but can be heavy and therefore, difficult to shift. Timber requires more maintenance compared to its counterpart and can be easily marked or dented. Appearance-wise, wooden bed frames can be a great fit for traditional bedrooms.

Metal frames are generally lighter than wooden frames and they offer extreme durability They are a great choice for people who want a bed frame that can stand the test of time. Heavy timber frames also offer great longevity, so it’s important to take into account all the options.


The benefits of a bed frame often depend on its features. Some of them are targeted for functionality, such as pull-out beds, and offer features like under-bed storage space, usb ports, and wheels. 

Aesthetic features can include upholstery, fancy headboards, footboards, or detailing with unique and specific styles. At the end of the day, there is an enormous range of bed frames to choose from.

Either way, you’ll need to consider your individual preferences and requirements when choosing the right features for your bed frames. For example, if your room has limited space, a bed frame with built-in storage might be the best fit for you.

Style And Aesthetics

Some might put style and aesthetics higher on the list. 

First, think about the colour that matches your room’s aesthetic, including your walls, other bedroom furniture, and the colour of your carpet or floorboards. If it’s traditional, opt for a more mature colour, such as dark brown. If your room’s theme is in line with a contemporary style, try choosing a dark grey or midnight blue.

Second, the overall style of your bedroom plays a big part in choosing a frame that fits. Opt for a sleek, minimalistic design to bring about more of a modern appeal. For a traditional-style bedroom, you might want to try a frame with intricate detailing or elaborate design on its headboard and footboard. Iron bed frames work wonders here.

Where To Buy Bed Frames in Ireland

Buying a new bed frame can get a tad overwhelming, as there are so many options to choose from. At Homeline Furniture, we offer an extensive range of quality bed frames.  Take a look at our selection of bed frames today.