The dining room is the centre of any home. It is the place where we eat, spend time with friends and family and frequently work on projects for work or school. When selecting a dining table, there are important factors to consider like size, shape and durability. Of course, you should also consider your budget when selecting a style. 

Finding the ideal dining table can be difficult when all these elements are considered amd it is definitely a big investment. We hope this guide can help you find the perfect dining table to match your house. 

Consider All Materials


Aside from creating warmth and character in any room wood occupies, wood's greatest advantage is its strength. A wooden dining table is a great investment for any home since it could last a lifetime. Once the proper maintenance is provided to your wooden dining table it could last you and your family decades.  

Another advantage to choosing a wooden dining table is its endurance, so if you have a messy household maybe wood is the one for you. The right kind of wood can withstand years of wear and tear. 


A great advantage of glass tables is that they require very little maintenance. Unlike wood, glass is porous-free, so any mess or spill can be cleaned up immediately! As an added bonus, a glass table can make your dining room look bigger while adding a touch of class.


Not unlike a glass table, a marble table add a touch of class to any room. As well as adding beauty to the room it occupies, if properly cared for, marble is also extremely durable and will last a lifetime. We recommend investing in sturdy placemats to avoid any dents or bumps!

Measure The Floor Space

Knowing the size of your table should not be overlooked. You will need to measure the space where the table will go and ensure enough room around it for people to walk and for chairs to be pulled out. Consider how many people you need to fit at the table as this will determine the table size you need. The next step is to measure your floor space to get an idea of the space you’re working with, you wouldn’t want to end up with a table that takes up the whole room. 

To figure out how many people the table can seat, add 24 inches (2 feet) to the length of the table for each person. For example, a six-foot-long table can seat up to 8 people. There's no point in getting a gorgeous dining table and chairs if your guests can't access them.

Something to consider if you’re working with a smaller dining rom space, you can choose benches that fit beneath the table. This will help you make the most out of the space you have and also maximise the floor space in your dining room. 

Decide What Table Shape You Want 

When selecting a dining table, the shape is also essential. Rectangular and oval tables are excellent for large family gatherings or entertaining guests. Oval-shaped tables are great for conversation as there’s no head of the table. Oval tables are ideal for smaller spaces as they free up more floor space and there’s no corners. 

Square tables, on the other hand, are more intimate and can be used for smaller meals or for conversation. As square and rectangular tables are the most common, so you’ll find a greater number of choices there with styles, sizes and extendable options. Square-shaped tables are best suited in square-shaped rooms. 

Pairing Dining Chairs 

When selecting a dining table it’s important to consider what dining chairs you’re going to pair the table with. There are many new modern ways to incorporate seats into your dining room sets including using benches over chairs. 

You could decide to get a matching dining room table and chair set to make a bigger statement about your dining room. This also gives you the option to decorate your dining room chairs with chair pillows of your taste.

Maximise Your Space With An Extendable Dining Table 

If you decide you don’t want the commitment of a larger table but you’re a regular party host you may want to consider a dining table that can be extended whenever you’re expecting more guests. This gives you the advantage of a smaller table that doesn’t take up as much space when you don’t need to sit as many people as you do when having friends over. 

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