The smell of Spring is almost in the air so that means it is time to clear out the clutter. We’ve accumulated a lot of junk over the cold months that needs tossed, our winter woollies need to be retired (hopefully) to make way for our spring / summer wardrobe and now that the sun is making an occasional appearance we can see just how many cobwebs are hanging from the corners, eek!

So to begin this yearly ritual we suggest you start by opening the windows, blasting your favourite music, throw on some tatty clothing and follow our 7 Spring Cleaning Tips to make this your most successful deep clean yet!

1) Make a To-do list

No matter what size your house, apartment or cupboard under the stairs is – the place that you call home probably has a list longer than your arm of things that need to be cleaned, sorted and fixed. So before you jump in, make a list of all the things that need to be done, order it by room, prioritise certain tasks and make notes on any equipment or products you might need. Writing the list on the back of your hand need not be the only option – there are a ton of different ways to make that list. Keep a handy notebook that you can cross off your tasks when completed, there is nothing more satisfying. There are also countless apps out there for every aspect of spring cleaning. The cleaning checklist is a great all-rounder, and is perfect for creating a weekly cleaning schedule so the deep cleans need not be as daunting If you keep on top of it weekly.


2) Organise your cleaning cupboard

How can you expect to clean your home if your cleaning supplies space is a shambles? Start by gathering all of your equipment and supplies into once place and throwing out any empties. Be ruthless with old cloths and rags that are looking worse for wear, if it’s no longer the colour it was when you bought it, wash it or chuck it. Your vacuum cleaner is going to be seeing a lot of action, so remember to empty and clean it regularly to ensure it is working at it’s optimum performance.


3) De-clutter

If you’re in any doubt about throwing away those tatty beach towels that haven’t been used since summer ’08, or that questionable pair of dungarees, try the Kon Mari method. The approach is simple yet ruthless, based on Japanese values that you should only surround yourself with items that spark joy – and trust us, those dungarees never brought anybody joy. Once you’ve mastered the art of de-cluttering and you’ve removed the 4000 bin bags of unwanted rubbish, you may begin the cleaning and washing and scrubbing.


4) Work from Top-to bottom

You wouldn’t do the dishes before eating, so take this approach with the rest of your cleaning. Things are gonna get messy when you’re pulling clothes out of drawers and sorting through junk. So force the dirt down and sweep it onto the ground and make sure the last thing you do in any room is vacuum and clean the floors for the most efficient cleaning. Don’t forget to whistle while you work!

5) Follow cleaning guides

There are so many different surfaces in your home and tons of cleaning products out there, which makes it impossible to find one method that does all. This is because every different material needs to be treated differently. So when it comes to mattresses, leather couches, and tiles everything has it’s own technique. Check out our guide to cleaning a leather sofa in 4 easy steps. If you’re in any doubt turn to the web, there are so many great cleaning blogs and articles out there to help you. We love Iheart Organizing and Better HouseKeeper for cleaning, organising and general DIY and crafty tips for a beautiful home.


6) To the Windows, to the walls!

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to certain areas of your home when you are in winter hibernation mode. But there is no denying those grubby fingerprints on the walls or the smudgy, streaky windows when the spring sunlight illuminates them. When it comes to cleaning your walls you should know what kind of paint you’re dealing with – is it gloss, semi gloss, or a flat paint? Then choose the right cleaner for your paint type, we suggest avoiding any alcohol based cleaners as there is a risk they will leave marks on your walls, test the solution first on a small patch of the wall to make sure it is suitable. And before you start the cleaning process prepare your walls by removing any excess dust or dirt with a soft vacuum brush or cloth.

Now that’s one task done, pat yourself on the back and then move on to those pesky windows. Everyone has a method that they swear by for the cleanest, most sparkling windows. Try out the below steps from Martha Stewart for a tried and tested method.

1) Mix one part hot water to one part distilled vinegar.

2) Sponge cleaning: Moisten the window, using the solution, then clean.

3) Squeegee cleaning: Always dampen the squeegee first and clean from the top down, wiping the edge of the squeegee after every stroke.

4) Clean only when there is no direct sun on the windows.

5) Rinse and dry the window frames immediately to avoid any damage.


7) Overnight cleaning

Wouldn’t it be great if elves visited your house while you sleep and clean it from top to bottom? It’s a nice dream but somewhat unlikely to happen, so we've found a way for you to leave your bathroom to get clean overnight. Limescale is notoriously difficult to remove. That's where white vinegar can help. It's great at breaking down the molecules and removing a build-up of limescale.

In fact, it can remove stains from the toilet, shower and sink. All you need to do is spray it on and leave it to get to work. For showerheads, simply fill a bag with white vinegar and tie it around the head, leave it to break down the limescale overnight. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that you will have a grime free bathroom in the morning.

Now your home is clean and tidy, you can stick on the kettle, relax and put your feet up, not on the coffee table though - you just cleaned that!

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