Coffee tables are one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture in a home. Although they welcome guests to the house because of their placement in the living room, most people ignore them and appreciate the couch or the carpet.

However, coffee tables are more than ornaments people only appreciate. They are also valuable and helpful furniture that serves several purposes at home. But which features do coffee tables add to living rooms at home? Here are some ideas.

1. Adds Storage Space

The primary purpose of a coffee table is to add extra storage space to the living room. There should be no need to add another storage piece to the room, preventing excess clutter. A room with a coffee table can hold several things that a person does not want to store in drawers or cabinets.

For example, if a living room has a coffee table placed in the centre of the room, it can hold a remote control, a lamp, a book, magazines, a television remote, and several other things. It can also serve as a place where guests can leave their things while visiting.

2. Establishes the Centre

Another advantage of a coffee table is that it establishes the centre in the living room. The focal point of the living room is where people first look. Placing the coffee table in the living room's centre should establish it as a focal point, letting people know that it is the centre of the space.

Since things in focal points gather more attention than the items around them, people become more interested in whichever material sits in the centre. Therefore, placing a coffee table in the middle should prompt it as a conversation piece guests can discuss when they come over.

3. Creates Break in Style

Placing a coffee table in the middle of a living room should break the linearity of the space, producing an asymmetrical style. While it breaks the linearity around the table, it also breaks the next linearity after the table.

Designing a living space shouldn't only revolve around a single style. However, it should mix two or more types to create an aesthetic. It is a way to transform typical style structures into something more personalised and unique.

4. Adds Space for Display

Another purpose of a coffee table is to add space for displaying items in the living room. Some people like their living room to look clean and organised. However, it would also look boring if nothing was displayed around the room.

Hence, a coffee table adds space for displaying items which people can keep inside the table. Not everyone wants to show a vase or a piece of art in the living room. But when a coffee table is placed in the room's focal point, it becomes a perfect space to keep items that otherwise cannot be displayed.

5. Acts as a Temporary Desk

A table can also become a temporary desk for someone who needs to work on something inside the living room. Because of its size, a coffee table can fit at least one person sitting on the couch or at the table. As a result, it turns into a handy piece of furniture for people who work from home and college students.


The living room is an integral part of every house. It reflects and showcases the personality of its owners. Aside from its aesthetic qualities, it also serves several purposes. Placing a coffee table in the living room should achieve these purposes. Coffee tables are often overlooked and under-appreciated pieces of furniture. However, they provide several functions that should further enhance any living space. Homeline Furniture is one of the leading furniture suppliers in Ireland. Our goal is to provide the best furniture collections in the market, providing options to our customers depending on their tastes and preferences. No matter which piece of furniture you’re looking for, we’ve got it in store for you. Shop for coffee tables on our website and get free shipping on all orders nationwide.